Future-conscious Real Wood

Our natural resources are finite. We’re dedicated to using sustainable timber in a way that’s environmentally, socially and economically conscious.


The best of both

Nothing beats the look and feel of real wood. Rhinowood’s thermo heat treatment and pressure impregnation means it’s as long lasting and durable as any synthetic solution.



From pergolas and decking to cladding and laminated beams, Rhinowood can be used in any area of your home to add style, beauty and a timeless quality.



No virgin forests are chopped down – we source all of our pine from sustainable purpose-grown South African forests, protecting one of our most valuable resources.


Low Maintenance

Because Rhinowood is specially treated using all natural ingredients, there’s no maintenance needed on it once it’s installed – saving you any future costs or hassle.


A natural, durable wood solution

From decking to pergolas to cladding, Rhino Wood is the versatile solution to making your outdoor space beautiful.

Because our timber comes from purpose-grown South African forests, it’s the sustainable alternative to natural forest-grown hardwood – without compromising on quality or looks.

Our unique thermal modification and wax impregnation process means that Rhino Wood is extremely durable for any weather conditions, and needs almost no maintenance. So, while you get the authentic look and feel of wood, you also get extreme durability without using plastics or harmful chemicals.

Why Use Rhino Wood?


We use sustainably farmed timber, with no natural forests cut down.


Significantly increased load bearing strength and surface hardness


Class 1 durability rating meaning  no fungal decay or rot in your timber

Zero Toxicity

No plastics or harmful chemicals are used in our production.

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