Why use Rhino Wood?


We use sustainably-farmed timber, with no natural forests cut down.

Zero Toxicity

No plastics or harmful chemicals are used in the production of our wood.


Rhino Wood’s modification process increases the strength of pine timber by up to 60%, increasing its load bearing capacity.


Our process makes our wood water resistant so that it doesn’t rot even after years outdoors. Class 1 durability rating.


Our wood treatment process doubles the density of the wood, giving it increased hardness – which means fewer dents, scratches, and surface damage.

Low Maintenance

Because we treat Rhino Wood to the core, you don’t need to treat it in its lifespan to keep it strong and waterproof – unless you want to maintain its dark colour.

Pest Resistant

Wood borer and termites don’t see Rhino Wood as a food source – meaning it won’t be susceptible to damage from insects and pests.

Reduced Rot

Because Rhino Wood is filled with an aqua-phobic substance, it reduces moisture absorption which slows down the rate of decay and fungal growth.


Rhino Wood doesn’t need any special disposal method – simply dispose of it as you would with any other natural untreated wood.

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