Using a specialist two-step process of thermal modification and wax impregnation, Rhino Wood is durable and long lasting. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1: Thermal wood modification

Thermal modification occurs when wood is altered at a molecular level through a process of heating the wood to extreme temperatures for several hours or days. Thermally modified wood is less susceptible to damp, meaning less decay and fungi, and is more dimensionally stable. The treatment process can enhance the wood’s rich brown colour.

STEP 2: Impregnation technologies

The impregnation process is modification at a microscopic level. Voids within the cells of the wood are filled through a pressure process, increasing the woods’s hardness and decreasing susceptibility to moisture, leading to improved dimensional stability. Impregnation increases the wood’s density and strength, and cause a slight change that enhances the woods’ appearnce

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