Hotel Sky, City Bowl Cape Town

Hotel Sky

High-end travellers with sustainable mindsets are increasingly viewing their travel options through a more holistic lens when considering where to travel and what impact the places they stay have on the environment. As a result, eco-savvy tour operators, hotel owners and architects are all considering what materials can be used in a way of balancing luxurious comfort with minimal impact on the environment.
 Rhino Wood being sourced from sustainable forests, manufactured locally with no harmful chemicals or plastics presents itself as the perfect alternative to endangered hardwood species and plastic products. 
 Coupled with the fact of being low maintenance Rhino Wood was used extensively on all the main deck areas and the famous rooftop ride at Hotel Sky.
 Stringent international and local testing of Rhino Wood has proven it to be able to withstand the harshest conditions. Hotel Sky is the latest in forward thinking individuals making the smart and correct choice of timber products. 


100mm x 20mm decking – Brushed finish